Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thailand film ♥

Thank to God because I've finished my middle term test yesterday *fiuhhh* ...Holy crap,final test is coming soon.... I have to do my best and I hope I can get a good score :D
It's a terrible week because I have headache :'( I don't have any idea how to cure this and every times I take aspirin it still can't help me. My mum says that I need to take enough rest,I have go to bed early and no more coffee for this week! caffeine has a big impact for me,I became restless and got insomnia.
I have not enough sleep all day because one cup of coffee,
is this too much? lol 
but it's doesn't mean that I hate coffee at all, seriously, I really really like coffee! but in this week I have to try to stay away from that :')
anyway, is there anyone who doesn't like watching movies?
I think nobody,right?
I am super duperrrr movie addict! this week I have watched some of Thailand movies,it was very humorous lol The actor are very handsome & cute *melting*
those are some Thailand movie that I've ever watched

Romantic-comedy, young Thai man and woman who meet by coincidence while on vacation in South Korea. They decide to tour Korea together while keeping their names secret from each other. The movie was filmed in Korea and includes various locations that have appeared in Korean dramas that were broadcast in Thailand

OMG ! I love this film, it is about a band of young members who perform badly but insist on trying, the film features themes of teenage dreams, friendship, romance, and their expression through music, and includes pieces of popular rock songs interspersed within the narrative as well as cameos by several well-known musicians.

 The story takes place at the College of Music, Mahidol University over one year and covers the three seasons that Bangkok typically experiences – summer, winter and monsoon. It chronicles the life of a young high school student, Pom, and his impulsive decision to attend a music school, unknown to his parents, because of a girl he has secretly liked for three years, Dao. At the music school, he befriends Aom, who eventually becomes his best friend at the academy.

First Love 

 Watch this movie, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw a Nam skin became yellow lol 

Seven Something 

Seven Something is a love story and multi-variety, meaning that a third part with the first name '14' the story of teenage lover and social network, The two names '21/28' It's about former actor and actress lover who came back working together after 7 years later. and The third names '42.195' about one female who found something new in her life. And then she met a marathon boy who came to made a difference with her. 

 First kiss

 Chanisa (Kaneungnej Jakkarasamittanon) is an ordinary office girl who never wants to fall in love as the memory of her first love has been haunting her for so long. But destiny takes her to awkwardly meet a guy younger than her who would change her life. She doesn't know if this love would last when the guy is just a high school boy (Thakrit Hermaornoppajit). 

    actually, There are many Thailand films that I have watched but I just share what I like the most :D hope you like it,
Comments if you have other Thai movies,I'd really like to watch it :))

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