Monday, September 30, 2013

Houndstooth lovers!

Hi there! I am back, after a months without an update! (blame it to my laziness) :p
before I begin may I vent a little? well, I'm having a really horrible week...I'm sick and tired of being bullied and being a little person who get pushed around by someone who act professionally to ruined my life and make everyone has turned against me! seriously? did I do something wrong to you? stop making me look like an idiot.
but now I realize that I got nothing from you and I choose to leave. I just want to show you that what you say to me was wrong...
but now I thank to God, everything is over and thanks to my family especially my mom who always struggle for me, thank you for being my hero mom  :))
Okay I think it's enough with the vent..hehe

this is my look today! what do you think?
I got this red houndstooth peplum top on thrift store a few weeks ago and i paired it with my houndstooth shorts , my favorite beanie , and my old brown shoes
just feeling so houndstoots today.. 
gonna go hangout with my Bf, so see yaa lawteerr! hope you guys have a blessed week ahead..
I promise that I will post something soon.


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