Thursday, October 10, 2013

forever summer

Hi there! how's life?
actually it's kinda late post because I have a problem with my laptop after I reinstall my windows, my windows was broken and I deleted unnecessary files on my PC because it makes my PC work slowly. but I thank to God I don't have to format all my data. An advise for you, be careful before you download files or anything from internet, it could be a virus that can ruin your computer.

my weirdo sister took these pictures a few days ago at my university. thank you nyol!
it was sunny all day long, like summer is never gonna end in my city.

  A|X Armani Exchange top// tribal purple skirt - Red cherry (facebook) //
           Forever 21 cardigan // naughty necklace // bugis street shoes 


  1. Love your necklace and skirt!

    Love, Lory xxx


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