Monday, October 14, 2013

bad is good

 i just changed my blog name yesterday, i have no idea with it but i think its such a cute name and i like it *I hope you like it too guys* As i wrote at my previous post i get back to blogging regularly again. so i am kinda excited looking for a new stuffs to play with. 
I bought a lot of thrift stuffs lately and Fyi, my house is near from thrift store so my heart just
  can't resist when awesome vintage and retro stuffs available in their store. I also thrift this oversized denim jacket yesterday. it's really comfortable, i wore it with my printed top, it's kinda short top but i wore my shorts inside.
  Thrifted denim jacket// unbranded printed top// naughty beanie// noellestore (instagram) bracelet// mom's old shoes and socks//


  1. cute dress...

  2. this is gorgeous! love love love